How I am learning to code

When I first started learning programming I had a teacher that was a never ending source of help and answers, but now I am trying to learn React on my own and the challenges are big and many. I have listed a few things that I have found to make learning to code be a bit less frustrating.

En kort introduksjon til SEO

Hva er egentlig SEO, og hvordan vet jeg hva jeg skal forbedre? I denne artikkelen går vi gjennom dette, med enkle termer og forklarende tekst, slik at du best kan jobbe med SEO i din bedrift.

Hvordan sikre at din digitale tjeneste får et langt og lykkelig liv?

Vi jobber med å definere og bygge digitale produkter og tjenester som er meningsfulle og skaper reell verdi for brukerne. Mens vi jobber sammen med kunde, har vi stort fokus på å kontinuerlig validere produktet og tjenesten for å sikre at det man bygger gir verdi og bety noe for sluttbrukeren.

How to give effective feedback to your team

I have been through countless of sessions and lections on how to give feedback in the right way. This skill is priceless and has helped me in difficult situations at work, and on a personal level. In this short article, you'll get some tips and methods on how to give effective feedback to your team

From Pitch to Prototype  —  How to get from concept to a validated product

In Norse, we work with new and existing clients to discover and define meaningful and interesting digital initiatives. We also receive several start-up pitches from Norselab, our parent-company which we work closely with. We have an idea, a concept, and it’s time to develop.

Ready, set, BUA

All over Norway, there are equipment facilities where you can borrow sports-and leisure gear for free. Sporting goods like cross-country skis, snowboards, bikes, camping goods, penny boards — you name it — are up for grabs. Norse has helped BUA in making it known and available all over Norway.