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We are a diverse team of experts within product development, design and user experience. With a user-centric approach, we define and build digital products and services that creates real value and impact.


What we do

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Continuous Improvement


At Norse, we are eager to learn about new technologies and we are constantly testing out new stuff at the office. Get a glimpse of what we are deep-diving into at the moment.


Use machine learning to play shuffle board

We've got our hands on Amazon's new AI cameras - the AWS DeepLens. After brainstorming amongst several great (and not so great) ideas, we decided to automate the points system on our shuffle board by using image recognition and machine learning to calculate scores based on the shuffle pucks' positions.

Case Study

Disrupting a $380 billion industry with 3D-printing

What happens when you put a 3D-print company and a venture studio together for a weekend? In our case, we co-founded Ivaldi Group  -  a startup that redefines how the maritime and offshore industries create and distribute spare parts  -  by leveraging technology and 3D-printing.


Can voice technology help us with everyday tasks?

In Norway, we really do love skiing - at least, that's what we're told. We wanted to see if a voice assistant could help us finding the correct ski wax for our trip, so we created our own voice assistant; Harald Glidebotten. If we tell Harald when and where we're going, can he tell us the best wax to use based on the weather conditions? Oh yes!


Connecting our offices to the cloud with IoT

According to Statista, we will reach 30 billion IoT connected devices worldwide by 2020. That's just too many to ignore! Luckily for us, we have worked with the Norwegian start-up Disruptive Technologies from the very beginning, and we have a bunch of their sensors here in our offices to play with. Want to know what we are tracking? Come visit us!

Want to explore some of our case studies in-depth?